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Our mission is to rescue treat and provide Shelter Home for un-owned street animals who have become ill or injured, and through their rescue inspire a community to protect and defend the lives of all animals. Our work focuses on the vital moment when a resident of our coverage area sees an animal who needs help, and stops to help. Taking action is the pivotal experience that can change everything for good. By providing a phone number someone can call us & we will help and save, we are inspiring action in the community. Action that though small at first, maybe just a phone call on our helpline, is the first step for someone on the road of becoming the person that animals desperately need. Our ultimate goal is equality and protection of all animals and a complete end to the use and abuse of animals. We are working for the day that every dog, cat, cow, pig, bird, elephant, snake, rabbit and mouse can live their lives in freedom. We are also planning a free ambulance service so our emergency rescue team responds to calls on our help-line reporting sick or wounded animals in need of help throughout the day, every day.

Success Stories


Abused dog rescued just in time, now she’s safe forever.

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Abandoned dying baby calf now safe forever.

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Hopeless wounded dog dying on side of street rescued.

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Mother cow lavishes love on her wounded baby.

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Objective Hierarchy

Emergency Rescue/Ambulance For Animals

Street animals' lives depend on the community's help. Creating a vibrant rescue culture inspires people to not only call our helpline when they see an injured animal, but to feed the animals in their neighbourhood, spot problems before they become serious, report cruelty, and even give medicine under the direction of our street treatment team.

Shelter Home For Animals

Adorable mobility-impaired animals live together in a sandy-floored shelter area, and their affection and charm engulfs visitors. Many of the dogs were victims of t traffic accidents that caused irreversible damage to their spines, leaving them with limited or no sensation in their hind legs.Staff and volunteers make sure these residents get great daily doses of play, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, supervised exercise in wheeled carts, and every day are showered with love

Hospital & Medical Care For Animals

Our medical team cleans and bandages wounds, splints fractures, and treats infection, swelling and pain from morning until night. We provide large open spaces where recovering animals can socialize and exercise, and kennels and smaller enclosures for dogs and puppies who need quiet and bed rest. We vaccinate all of our rescued dogs against rabies, distemper, parvo and other viruses and spay and neuter them before returning them to their neighbourhood.

Spay And Neuter Facilities

We spay and neuter every rescued dog who is fit for surgery before returning them to their neighbourhoods and all of our rescues are vaccinated against rabies on admission. Additionally, we conduct spay and neuter on dogs from areas where people have become hostile towards them. This helps protect them from potential cruelty and improves welfare in the neighbourhood.

Outreach Education & Training Program For Animals care

Rescuing street animals and providing a place where people can interact with animals teaches and inspires compassion. Recognizing animals who need help is something that can be learned, and when people are equipped with the knowledge of how to help they are more likely to act. We are teaching people to take action, whether by calling our rescue line or by taking our training course in First Aid; whether by making compassionate food choices or by volunteering

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