Education Programme

Indian Moms NGO is to transform lives of rural children by providing the platform and exposure to quality education, character development and skill enhancement. Indian Moms NGO works with the conviction that quality education, guidance and exposure would help rural children break free from the vicious circle of poverty and ignorance in order to become successful. It believes that wholesome Education is the fundamental building block for children to realize latent capabilities and achieve potential inspiring them to champion positive social change. What we are doing..
What we are doing
Promoting youth volunteerism for social service, community engagement and nation building Supplementing Education in rural government schools to improve learning and performance Exchange programs for exposure, peer learning and inculcating civic sense. Training, experience-sharing, mentoring, guidance, counseling and motivation for informed decision making when making academic,career and life choice.
Our impact- Touching lives of 7,000 students from 25 cities in dozens of villages
15000 + active volunteers engaged in the last 3 years from all over india..
700+ Motivation Platforms - experience sharing and counseling sessions conducted for students..
We are commencing online classes through Skype and other web technologies to reach out to many more rural schools..
What we are providing-
1-Simple story telling like approach for complex subjects and topics
2-Role plays
3-Nukkad nataks
4-Informal meetings and sessions
5-Conducting competitions and events
6-Solving model question and examination papers
7-Experience sharing, training and motivation sessions
8-learn by fun program etc.
our strenght- Social Media –Facebook page has active viewership and 25000+ followers. Word of mouth – Our partner schools, colleges and volunteers spread the good word about our work and impact Print Media – Local print media has carried stories about us which evinces good response in the communities and volunteers.
The following are the main problems faced in the progress of education
1-The lack of sufficient funds is the main problem in the development of education. Outlay for education in Five Year Plans has been decreasing. Due to insufficient funds most educational institutions lack infrastructure, science equipment and libraries etc. Due to this reason, desired results cannot be achieved.
2-University, professional and technical education has become costly in India. Fee structure of technical and professional institutes like IIM’s is quite high IIM’s charge Rs. 2 lakh per semester for MBA classes. It is beyond the reach of common man. Privatization of higher education has led to the growth of profit hungry entrepreneurs. Now a day’s higher education is much costly affair.
3-When intelligent, talented and deserving candidates do not get suitable jobs in the country, they prefer to go abroad for seeking jobs. So our country is deprived of good talent. This phenomenon is called ‘Brain drain’.
4-Despite constitutional directives and economic planning we are not able to achieve cent percent literacy. -Even now 35 percent people remain illiterate. In India, the number of illiterates is almost one-third of the total illiterates in the world. Advanced countries are 100% literate; the position in India is quite dismal.
5-Our education system is based on General Education. The dropout rate is very high in primary and secondary level. Most of the students in 6-14 age groups leave the school before completing their education. It leads to wastage of 5nancial and human resources.
6-Our primary education is ridden with too many problems. Large number of primary schools has no buildings what to talk of basic facilities like drinking water, urinals and electricity, furniture and study materials etc. Large numbers of primary schools are single teacher schools and many schools are even without teachers. So the drop rate is very high and a cause of concern. Concluding, we can say that there is quantitative expansion of education but in qualitative development we are still lagging behind.

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